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1.1 SwitchCommuterBikeFoldsUp toWheelSize

Australian student designer Robert Dumaresq recently took Gold at the Australian International Design Awards, Dyson Student Category. The bike which folds up to the size of a wheel in “one smooth motion,” was designed in response to the Victorian government’s move to ban bikes on public transport. Claiming to be one of the fastest folding bikes around, the Switch Commuter is both durable and light-weight, manufactured using carbon fibre and aluminum. No word yet on whether Dumaresq is planning a commercial release of his design.

1.2Wired LookingGlass

The Cybertecture mirror has an inforgraphic display, measures 800 x 500 x 50mm, has stereo speakers, a WiFi connection and even fog-resistant glass. The mirror will connect with a cloud based digital profile so it can relate contextual information such as the local weather before you leave in the morning – or readings presented from a scale will help you monitor how your weight watching program is doing (via a display on the mirror or a web-based portal).

But is this yet another student concept? Engadget says that this isn’t just more vapor-rich ware (nice phrase!) – but the Hong Kong based inventor, James Law, plans to ship 2 million of these in the next three years at a price tag of around $8,000.

1.3 Eye-Tracking

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology in Germany are creating a vehicle-based system called Eyetracker that monitors a drivers face for signs of drowsiness. When certain patterns in eye and facial movements that indicate a lack of awareness are detected, the system triggers warnings to keep the driver alert. Debuting at the VISON trade fair in Stuttgart next month, the system is driven by two separate, small cameras mounted in the car, linked to a small matchbook-sized processor.
Professor Husar of the IDMT explains below:

“What we have developed is a small modular system with its own hardware and programs on board, so that the line of vision is computed directly within the camera itself. Since the Eyetracker is fitted with at least two cameras that record images stereoscopically – meaning in three dimensions – the system can easily identify the spatial position of the pupil and the line of vision.”

1.4 TheFittingRoomExperience

Using a unique blend of augmented reality, app technology, and social media, Macy’s and LBi have re-invented the dressing room experience for New Yorkers visiting Macy‟s Herald Square store through November of this year.

Customers enter a dressing booth outfitted with with a 72-inch multi-touch mirror and an iPad. The customer then selects clothing from the iPad application and transfers the items on their body‟s image on the mirror with a flick of the wrist. Naturally, photos of customers in various outfits can be shared on their social network using emails or SMS (with the purpose of getting live feedback from their friends).

This innovation demonstrates how retail can be a primary driver in furthering the integration between digital and physical space.
1.5 VersatileScissors

The Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors bills itself as „quite possibly the world’s most versatile scissors, and rightly so. This Swiss Army Knife-inspired tool does so much more than just basic cutting. Detach its one half and it becomes a titanium-coated knife. Don’t have a bottle opener to open that chilled beer? No problem, this multi-functional device has a bottle-opening notch. The Cuts+More Scissors also has cutouts for a variety of materials such as wires, ropes and even packing-tape. It also features on-board sharpening slots to keep its blades like new and comes with a lifetime warranty.

1.6 iPhoneFlashMeasures Users Pulse

One of the themes that came up during our research for the PSFK Future of Health report was the idea of the DIY Checkup, the appearance of mobile apps and peripherals that bring diagnostic tools in some shape away from medical centers and closer to individuals. These systems may not completely replace the expertise and quality of medical professionals and high- end equipment, but they do give people a better sense of conditions that they would not have available otherwise, so that they can make better decisions about whether to immediately consult with a physician.

One example that we’ve run into is the above application Pulse Phone that operates on iPhone 4 devices with camera flash. Using flash lighting to illuminate a persons finger as they hold it over the camera, the application can detect small changes in color and brightness as blood moves through to detect the pulse. The video detection method is an improvement over other audio- based pulse-detection methods that have surfaced to date without much success.

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